Climate controlled gardening – aka greenhouses

Wed. Dec. 6, 2017

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As I talked about yesterday, the trends for 2018 include climate controlled gardening.  Outdoors that means planting more resilient plants, but there’s also indoor gardening.  From humble to humongous, there are LOTS of choices.  Glasshouses maximize free solar energy, use land efficiently, conserve water and reduce pest and disease exposure.

Uh, nice but won’t work at my house!

There are hobby greenhouses, portable greenhouses, mini greenhouses and the mcmansions of greenhouses!  If you’re looking to just extend the season, think cold frames.  Here are links to numerous options.  My favorite greenhouses to gaze at and dream of having, are the hobby greenhouses.

Super cute and “only” $3400!
About $950

Another way of differentiating the types of greenhouses is by temperature level – hot, warm and cool.  A “hot house” has a stable temperature in the range of 65 – 70 degrees, or higher. This temperature range is used to grow exotic and tropical plants. Heaters and grow lights are usually needed to maintain this level of heat.

hot house

A Warm greenhouse – has a stable temperature in the range of 50 – 55 degrees. In this temperature range, you can grow plants which you would grow in your outdoor flower or vegetable garden. You may need to use grow lights or heat lights to meet the heating needs during the winter night months.

And then there’s a Cool greenhouse – or ‘frost-free’ greenhouse, has a stable temperature in the range of 40 – 45 degrees. This is an ideal temperature range for a ‘nursery’ greenhouse, where you will be germinating seeds and raising your own starter plants and vegetables for the summer months. You generally don’t use grow lights or heat lights in this environment.

this is what I have – very portable

This link to Earth Easy has a LOT more information on HOW to buy a greenhouse based on what you want to use it for.  This is really worth taking a look at, the information includes everything you need to know if you’re serious about adding it to your home.  I would love to but don’t have the room for it on my property.  ENJOY!