Coleus crush

Wed. Dec. 23, 2020

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I have a serious crush on coleus. This go-to annual is so easy to brighten shaded spots and there are now more and more varieties for sunny spots too!

4 types of coleus in this container

New for 2021 is Red Flare and it’s just WOW. This TerraNova Nurseries introduction has bright foliage of deep red, lobed leaves with reddish-pink centers.

Coleus ‘Red Flare’ Proven Winners

It has an upright, compact habit in addition to being slow to flower, making maintenance easy. Vigorous branching from the base makes this plant perfect for containers and hanging baskets.

Terra Nova has two more introductions to dazzle.  ‘Monkey Puzzle’ is just wild. The dynamic, self-branching mound is covered with lovely peach and purple toned, lace-like leaves.

Coleus ‘Monkey Puzzle’ from TerraNova

The rounded, spreading habit is perfect for containers, hanging baskets, mid-height summer borders and mass plantings.

‘Monkey Puzzle’ up close

Another stunning intro from Terra Nova is ‘Mad Medusa’. Abundant finely cut lime green leaves resemble coral. The shortest one of the bunch, it grows to 9 inches tall but spreads to 18 inches.

Coleus ‘Mad Medusa’ by TerraNova

A beautiful mounding habit and the color looks beautiful anywhere. These three are perfect in part to full shade. Oh can you imagine the brightening up of a shadier garden!!! 

A new calibrachoa Superbell from Proven Winners is perfect for those sunny hanging baskets. ‘Coral Sun’  is a gorgeous bi-color of orange on the outer edges with a bright yellow center.

Superbell ‘Coral Sun’ by Proven Winners

It grows 6 to 12 inches tall with a nearly 2 foot spread. Perfect for containers.

the coleous with no name… 2020