Container planting

Fri. May. 22, 2020

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Hey there Garden peeps, I know SO many people who, in the season of Covid-19, have been upping their garden game and bought a lot of annuals!

And then they had to be covered! That’s okay, I hope they all made it. I’ve not purchased any annuals as of this writing (May 17) because I saw the forecast!  However, this weekend is gonna be fun!

I created a video on Container plants with tips on root pruning, what the soil level (why does that matter?) should be and the three ‘illers!  Thrillers, fillers and spillers.

Your recipe for success:

Thriller – big, bold and beautiful.  This plant is the tallest and is your main accent.  Could be outstanding foliage, fantastic flowers or both.  btw, you can cut the flowers off of coleus… they don’t really add much!

Filler – complimentary to your thriller, these plants are generally smaller flowers that can be monochromatic or contrasting flowers.

Spiller – the trailing plants that tumble over your container to soften it.  Great trailers include sweet potato vines, vincas and ivies.

Late August 2019

Make sure you choose plants that like the same conditions, in particular sun/shade preferences.  Watering requirements are not quite as critical in containers.

You don’t have to follow any “rules”, except for sun/shade.  The rest is really up to you.  The ‘illers are simply a guide!

Some of my creations:

The plants colors complement each other
a monochromatic feel – purple!
2017 – I wanted to show off the pot too!
photo by Teri Knight
moss ross and 2 free hibiscus! Sometimes just one plant is all a pot needs!