Cool coleus and 2020 introductions

Thu. Apr. 16, 2020

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Coleus are such cool plants! I love them in my containers, in the garden and in areas to fill spots where the spring beauties have already expired! From green to yellow to pink to orange to nearly any combination you can think of you, you’ll find an amazing array!

2019 container kong coleus, celosia, impatiens in bucket

 Main Street ‘Beale Street’ Coleus is a 2020 All-American Selections Winner and the first-ever coleus to be named an AAS Winner!

‘Beale Street’

Fully sun tolerant, the deep red foliage holds its color extremely well in the garden. It is also extremely late to flower, and has the bushy, compact habit that is the hallmark of the Main Street series.

Another new Main Street cultivar is ‘Ocean Drive’. The leaves are mahogany with a blazing hot pink center and a scalloped, lime green edge. This series of coleus grows to about 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide.

‘Ocean Drive’

 ‘Presidio’ is from the Stained Glassworks and is gorgeous! Golden leaves have flashes of red and burgundy. Great for making a partially shady spot more lively. Sturdy growth habit.


As for coleus-under-the-sea, these coleus have very interesting leaves as you would imagine with a name that conjures up coral reefs. ‘Seaweed Red’ has frilled leaves with narrow lobes in vibrant red and pink! Check all of these out on my website.

‘Seaweed Red’

DO check their sun/shade conditions. All coleus USED to be more shade plants but these newer cultivars are tolerant in sun and some are downright sunloving.