Cool season crops and other May to-do’s

Wed. May. 13, 2020

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We had a cool spell, you should know we would… Still, you may have gotten those radishes in the ground we talked about last week.

Radish ‘rido red’

You can also plant kale, one of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet, a true Superhero. And there’s spinach too, scallions and onion sets. Oh and then there are beets!

Kalebration kale mix 2020
loose leaf lettuce with kale and nasturtium
Bunnies love beet tops

Here’s a Planting Guide from the University of MN Ext. on when to plant all kinds of vegetables.

Pea ‘Royal Snap II’ by Johnny’s Seeds 2020

Be sure to read packet directions for planting, however, for lettuce seeds, I’ve throw those “willy nilly” and they came out fine!

Save your tomato planting till the soil temperature is around 65 degrees, often that’s around Memorial Day for zone 4 but it is changing.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to uncover perennials. Push aside the leaves to expose perennials to the sunlight. Keep leaves on the soil surface as a mulch. Mulch holds in soil moisture, moderates soil temperatures reducing stress on roots, and serves as habitat for beneficial insects. If you’re a neat-nik or are afraid the plants won’t find their way, don’t worry. As temperatures warm, the plants will grow through the mulch and cover much of it.