Dare to tempt your climate zone with Quince

Thu. Mar. 30, 2017

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I told you about some wonderful new annuals from Proven Winners yesterday but today, I’m tempting you with a zone 5 flowering quince. It’s called ‘Double-Take Scarlet’ and grows to just about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, smaller than other flowering quince.

The brilliant red flowers pop in Spring just when we’re looking for color from the drab of winter.  Bonus, it’s thornless, deer-resistant and doesn’t set fruit.  Quince are easily grown in full sun to part shade, however the best flowering is in full sun.

This shrub adapts to a wide range of soil conditions, but, as most plants do, prefers well-drained loams. Once established, the plants will tolerate dryish soils.  They bloom on old growth.  Prune to shape as needed in spring after flowering, just as you would any other spring flowering shrub.

‘Double Take Scarlet’ would make a great hedge or could be a specimen in a container planting.

Really with our wacky weather, it’s not such a stretch any more to try a zone warmer than what you’re living in.

The zones are based off of averages and we’ve had anything but average weather anywhere in the country.  Consider these plants and then treat them accordingly as we approach winter.  That could mean additional mulch after the ground has frozen, being sure to remove that added layer when Spring comes to allow for easier growth.

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