Disease resistant vegetables

Wed. Mar. 14, 2018

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If you’re new to gardening or just tired of fighting diseased plants, you may consider planting disease resistant varieties of vegetables.  These are plants that have been bred with plants that are naturally more disease resistant.  These are not genetically engineered with certain herbicides or pesticides.  For more on GMO vs Hybrids

‘Sun Sugar’ is resistant to  resistant to Fusarium Wilt (Race 1) and Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Tomato ‘Sun Sugar’

While perusing your catalogs you may see letters either next to the plant name or at the bottom of the description.  For instance,’Sungold’ cherry tomato lists an “F” which means the variety is resistant to fusarium wilt.  A “V” would mean resistant to verticillium wilt.

Tomatoes are usually the first choice for new gardeners.  There are many disease resistant varieties including “Quick Pick”, “Champion”, “Better Boy” and “Supersteak”.   These are all resistant to Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt and root knot nematodes.

Here’s a list of disease resistant tomatoes from Burpee. ‘Fourth of July’ has high disease resistance and is the first tomato to ripen near July 4th!

Tomato ‘Fourth of July’

This is a very comprehensive list of disease resistant codes from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

‘Marketmore 76’ cucumber from Johnny’s Seeds is resistant to S (scab),CMV (cucumber mosaic virus) and PM (powdery mildew)

Cucumber ‘Marketmore 76’

Some Heirloom varieties don’t have as much disease resistance but I wouldn’t discourage you from trying them!

Cornell University’s Vegetable MD online is a great site to check out a number of disease resistant plants.