Dog days – where did that name come from?

Fri. Aug. 18, 2017

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Hmmm, really, dog days?!  Where are they???  What an odd year this has been.  Although we’ve had a few hot days, it hasn’t felt that bad.   However, we ALL know there will be more warm/hot days to look forward to.  Ahh, the dog days of summer…

Gigi just hangin'

Gigi just hangin’

The “Dog Days” comes from the ancient Greeks and Romans, namely for Sirius, the Dog Star.  The brightest star in the heavens beside the sun.  It was believed to be an evil time!  Personally I think people just went a little bonkers due to heat!

Gigi dug herself a right cool place in the dirt!

With the heat, we need to pay special attention to our container plants (water once or twice a day) and to our newly planted perennials, shrubs and trees.  Give them deep drinks.  Not a surface water sip.  The roots will grow deeper when watered this way.

NOTE:  We’ve had rain…. but that doesn’t mean all our containers are getting it and it does run through them much faster!  And as pointed out yesterday, we still need to take care of those newly planted plants!

On average, plants need an inch of water a week.  Many of our annual plants have “heat stall” right now.  You can leave them be and hope for the best, or you can replant.  Some plants that fair better during the dog days are zinnias, moss rose and amaranthus.

Gigi was a great girl!  Miss her every day....  She had a good life

Gigi was a great girl! Miss her every day…. She had a good life