Easter lilies – selection and preserving

Fri. Mar. 29, 2019

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Easter will be later this year… April 21st!  But that leaves you plenty of time to select a beautiful Easter Lily and preserve it for some time!

Easter lily planted outdoors photo courtesy of Univ. of Wisconsin Extension

This Christian Holy Day is marked by cherished traditions including the Easter Lily. The beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers of lilium longiflorum symbolize purity, hope and life – the spiritual essence of Easter – a time of renewal.  They’re often given as gifts!  

When choosing an Easter lily, look for one in various stages of budding, you’ll get to enjoy the flowers for longer!  

Easter Lily buds – Musselman Greenhouses

Find the plant with the most dense, all deep green green foliage and check for pests. If you see any eggs or webbing or brown spots, put that plant back.  Also, choose a plant that is only 2 times as tall as the pot it’s in, if the plant is any larger, it is likely stressed!

Image from http://www.easterlily.org/gallery.html


Notice the number of buds, the dark green leaves, the very healthy looking specimen!  when shopping, lift the plant from the foil, or pull the foil down to get a good look at the leaves, checking for insects.

You’ve selected the best one, now what’s the best way to care for your Easter Lily?

  • You may want to wear a sweater to save your lilies as they like it a little cool, around 60 to 65 degrees.  
  • They also prefer bright light but out of direct sunlight.
  • If your lily is wrapped in foil, punch a couple of holes in the bottom and place it on a saucer. This enables the excess water to drain.  
  • Water your lily when the soil surface is dry, let the water drain out the bottom and get rid of what’s left in the saucer.
  • When your flowers open, remove the yellow anthers before the pollen starts to shed.  This prevents the pollen from staining those pretty white flowers and will also prolong it’s life!

The Easter Lily is a great gift to share Joy, Hope and Life.

More information on Easter lilies indoors and OUTDOORS (you’ll need to provide winter protection in zone 4 and colder) from Wisconsin Master Gardener Extension

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