Edible weeds

Wed. Aug. 9, 2017

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Your yard weeds MIGHT be edible! The lazy gardeners veggie garden right in your backyard or coming up through your sidewalk cracks! We all have plenty of weeds in our lawns, well, MOST of us anyway.

I just found out that Purslane is edible. Who’d thunk it? Apparently a professor at the U of MN and another guy who’s just wild about wild edibles: Wildman Steve Brill lists a number of weeds and wild plants that are edible.  He also has pictures, which I highly recommend you examine carefully before just eating something, and explains how to fix them.



You can eat the stems and leaves of purslane!  More on purslane and recipes too HERE.

Now for another edible, I suggest Lamb’s Quarters. But please take a look at Wild Steve’s website, I’m going to link you directly to the Lamb’s Quarter page so that you can get a good look at what this plant looks like. It’s a member of the spinach and beet family and is loaded with good stuff for you!  And it’s abundant…


Burdock looks like rhubarb but it is most definitely not. The root is an enormous taproot that you can eat like a potato.  Steve Brill is a rather interesting character with lots of information on foraging and more!