Enabling gardens

Thu. Jan. 19, 2017

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There’s no better stress reliever than to play in the dirt!  I have often taken for granted my ability to move through my gardens easily.  Oh maybe my knees give me a little trouble now and then, but I can bend down and pluck a weed or snip a flower with ease.  Other gardeners can’t.

Gene Rothert, the author of The Enabling Garden, is the Director Emeritus at the Chicago Botanic Garden and his book is a fantastic resource for those looking to make gardening easier for themselves or loved ones.  Life with Ease offers ergonomically designed garden tools for those less able.

There’s a table top method of gardening where you buy a bag of quality garden soil, lay it on a table, cut holes in the bag and plant!  Of course they need to be shallow rooted plants like marigolds, geraniums, lettuce blends and herbs.  You also need to slit some holes in the bottom of the bag for drainage.

gardening in a bag


Salad box

Salad box

Carry On Gardening is a great website from the UK that is loaded with information.  Check them out.  Also check out the tab on my front page that says “Enabling Garden” for much more information!!!

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