Evergreens of another color

Thu. Dec. 14, 2017

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In Winter, most of the time, we have either white (snow) or brown (just plain cold) landscapes.   The winter landscape often needs a little color.  Evergreens generally come to mind first.  But this evergreen is yellow.    It’s an Eastern Hemlock called ‘Golden Duchess’ from Monrovia.  It’s a dwarf plant growing just 3 to 4 feet tall with a possible spread of 5 feet.  It’s arching branches give it dramatic effect.  It’s great in a woodland setting or rock garden.  It prefers morning sun and afternoon shade.


Eastern Hemlock ‘Golden Duchess’

Another 4 footer is a new False Cypress called ‘Golden Mop’.  It has golden thread like foliage that will fill out all the way to the ground.   It is deer and rabbit resistant, tolerates a hot/dry site and prefers sun.

Cypress ‘Golden Mop’

The Scotch Pine is a favorite of mine.  I love it’s orange flaking bark and blue/green needles.  It’s growth habit is also attractive when used as a specimen plant.   The flaking bark doesn’t happen  right away, this is a plant to be patient for.  It’s growth rate is medium.  It’s height, depending on the cultivar you buy, can be upwards of 50 feet.  There are many cultivars to provide just the look you want.

Scotch pine

Scotch pine 2

There’s also a place in Parkers Prairie, Minnesota called Plants Beautiful Nursery, that produces extraordinary topiaries of these  wonderful specimens.  I’m going to link you to their site.  Talk about dramatic effect.  WOW.  These are not small plants.  Some are over 12 feet tall but they’ve been root pruned to help ensure survival of transplanting.  

Scotch pine topiary

Scotch pine topiary

Topiary Plants Beautiful Nursery