Fall is great for planting trees and shrubs and perennials too!

Wed. Aug. 28, 2019

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Fall is the best time to plant trees and shrubs.  They love the warm soil and cooler air. They also still have plenty of time to scoot their roots down deep into the soil.

 For easy growing, Rugosa roses are a good choice. These are also salt tolerant! This one was at a home I lived in in Burnsville, Mn.

Rugosa rose –  2000

I have some incredibly easy and beautiful carpet roses.  They’ve been in the ground for 5 years now and have been prolific bloomers all year AND they aren’t as attractive to japanese beetles.

Carpet roses are under that. This was taken 3-10-19
Carpet rose late June 2019. Photo by Teri Knight

 Be sure to water new plantings up until the ground freezes.  An inch a week is the general rule of thumb but if it’s really dry, don’t be afraid to give them more. 

You can also plant most perennials in the Fall. Right now is a good time to divide your daylilies right after their flowers are spent. 

Cut the foliage back to about 5 inches, using a garden fork to dig up the whole plant will not damage as many roots. Check for any problems, you want the roots to be plump, white and insect free.  You can slice through daylilies like nothin’.

Place the plant in the soil so the crown (the portion where the stem and root meets) is one inch below the ground line. Water thoroughly after planting. Add a 2 inch layer of mulch. After the ground freezes add a couple more to protect from heaving.

If you buy plants, check their roots.  Go ahead and pull them right out of the pot to see what you’re getting. Better safe than sorry. Water your plants well the day before, have your other planting hole already dug and incorporate a shovelful of compost.