Fall journaling

Fri. Oct. 26, 2018

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Now before you get all worked up about another “chore”…. there are many reasons to journal the seasons…

  • For those times you can’t remember WHAT variety of tomato worked really well
  • For those plants that are beautiful but seemed to be plagued with disease every year, can you say “monarda” (at least some cultivars are NOT resistant to mildew
  • For those wonderful annual combinations you loved in your containers and swore you would remember what they were….
  • For those times you wished you remembered that that gorgeous plant was short lived or attracted pests
  • For those times you went to full on combat with Japanese beetles (or any insect for that matter) and can’t remember exactly what you did or didn’t do that worked or didn’t work!
Random pages

I’ve gone back many times to my notes, especially with names of specific varieties, so that I might match it for someone else.  When did the colors start to change in your backyard?  When did the leaves fall?  What was the weather like?  This can be a very important notation to make in diagnosing future problems.  We tend to see decline and think it just happened when in reality, it’s an issue that may have started years ago.  In particular, tree decline.

And then…

Taken “a while ago” at Rainy Lake in Northern Minnesota