Fence garden renovation

Tue. Sep. 10, 2019

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So, as I was saying… yesterday, in the middle of my fence garden renovations, I tried to pawn off some daylilies to my friend who so graciously came over on Labor Day weekend and labored in my gardens with me!

the yellow coreopsis is invading the leadplant too

It’s not that I dislike lilies, it’s just that they multiply so much and then crowd out other plants I want highlighted.

Early August 2019
My leadplant is freed, I split the daylilies and left another wayward milkweed plant!

 My blackeyed susans are spectacular, as is my baptisia.. Unfortunately they’re also spectacularly too close to each other now. Frankly, I didn’t think that baptisia would go so crazy so fast, it’s gotta be 4 feet across, an overachiever.

Next Spring I will divide the blackeyed susans – this photo is after renovation

And the susans are so tall they’re like a jungle. Here’s the problem, if I move the baptisia, I risk losing it. The larger plants don’t like to be moved. And this one’s really beautiful. So, that means moving the Susans, problem is, they’re still blooming.

Renovation in process

One thing we were able to do is move a white coneflower plant to another location before the baptisia completely ate it! 

daylilies dug up! These were divided
and there’s more! My neighbors said they’d take some…

 I also decided to experiment with an Eastern red cedar I uncovered last year when I cleared out the area behind my garage. All I can think is that the previous owners kid got a free tiny bareroot plant, stuck it in the ground and forgot all about it where it got covered with all kinds of junk they had there and then weeds that were left.

I don’t have the appropriate space for this guy but I love it, so I decided to move it…

Eastern red cedar – I was going to put it in one of those boxes but there way no way that was going to work!
Elderberry ‘Black Tower’ with Sneezewort ‘Peter Cottontail’