Festive containers

Fri. Nov. 18, 2016

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Tis the season!  And the snow is falling in some parts…  but boy what a run of lovely weather we had…

I really love having outdoor containers in the winter.  I get excited to swing by my local nursery and purchase spruce tops, cedar branches, winterberry holly, pinecones or any number of fabulous finds.  I also use interesting twisty branches that I’ve found in my yard, spray paint them and poke them into the process.  I spray paint dried sedum, it’s just so easy.


But don’t limit yourself to sedum, hydrangeas would be great or frankly, any number of interesting natural elements.  Ornamental grasses, seed pods, even the winged branches of burning bush,  anything that catches your eye can be used either naturally or spraypainted.  There are SO many wonderful colors now too.  I tend to go with reds and golds, but that’s me.


I made a couple of them this year.  Here I started with a green pot that I needed to add more soil to…


I also cut down some birch that a friend gave me and threw in some spruce tops from a local nursery…


I trimmed the bottom twigs off the spruce to place them more firmly into the soil and then the fun really begins!


2016-festive-green-container-completeI bought the red berries and the burlap ribbon.  The ribbon was really wide, so I cut it in half lengthwise and had enough for both containers.  That grass that’s poking out from the berries is from a miscanthus I have and the “hairy” stuff that’s hanging down is from my Prairie Dropseed.


Creating your own containers means you can pick and choose, put it together, take it apart, change it up, add lights, (I like the led lights) ribbons, bird nests, whatever!  Almost done…


I added dogwood branches from my own garden, some twisty branches here and there that I found in the yard and some switchgrass…

2016-festive-red-container-complete I know that some local nurseries also hold evening classes to help you put something fabulous together.  Remember you can stuff your containers FULL.  I usually start with my containers about half full of soil, this helps hold everything in place, then work from there.  Once all my elements have been packed in there, I pack it down again and then let it freeze, this year we may be waiting a bit for that!  You can walk away and your display will last for months.  You can find a lot of interesting branches of all kinds of evergreens as you wander through the woods, just be sure you have permission to take them.










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