Festive containers

Fri. Dec. 1, 2017

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What a run of weather!  Record highs, some light snow up north…

I really love having outdoor containers in the winter.  I get excited to swing by my local nursery and purchase spruce tops, cedar branches, winterberry holly, pinecones or any number of fabulous finds.  I also use interesting twisty branches that I’ve found in my yard, spray paint them and poke them into the process.  I spray paint dried sedum, it’s just so easy.

But don’t limit yourself to sedum, hydrangeas would be great or frankly, any number of interesting natural elements.  Ornamental grasses, seed pods, even the winged branches of burning bush,  anything that catches your eye can be used either naturally or spraypainted.  There are SO many wonderful colors now too.  I tend to go with reds and golds, but that’s me.

I trimmed the bottom twigs off the spruce to place them more firmly into the soil and then the fun really begins!


Spruce top leftovers for filling in

Creating your own containers means you can pick and choose, put it together, take it apart, change it up, add lights, (I like the led lights) ribbons, bird nests, whatever!

I’ve added all kinds of other types of evergreens, winterberry, some fake stuff, pine cones and whatever else I may fancy!  It’s YOUR container, have fun with it and if something doesn’t look right, then take it out and try something else!

2017 back porch