Finally started seeds – AAS winners for 2018

Mon. Apr. 30, 2018

Click below to listen to my 2 min. Garden Bite radio show:  Finally started seeds!  AAS winners for 2018

If you’re following my Garden Bite facebook page, you know I started seeds last week.  Finally!!  I’m trying out one of those small portable greenhouses on my porch.  Even the tomatoes and peppers, with the hope that it holds enough heat.  Based on my scientific calculation of sticking my arm in there during 35 degree weather, I think it’ll be fine!  So, what seeds did I start?

Seed starting 2018 in greenhouse

I was given several different kinds to try by the National Garden Bureau – they are all 2018 AAS winners.    Click on the following links to the various vegetables for all the planting instructions you’ll need as well as additional information from AAS.

First up is a cocktail tomato called ‘Red Racer F1’.  Cocktail tomatoes have a good sweet/acid balance and are a smaller variety tomato (although larger than cherry or grape tomatoes).  ‘Red Racer’ is a compact determinate plant (grows up to 3 feet tall and stops)that is touted as ideal for small space and container gardens.  This plant will produce up to 68 tomatoes!  One judge summed up this winner saying “Red Racer is small in size but big in taste!” Disease Resistances or Tolerances: Verticillium, Fusarium (1,2), Nematode, Tomato mosaic virus, Gray Leaf Spot

Tomato ‘Red Racer F1’

There’s been no germination yet but I suspect it won’t happen until the end of this week, as the annual flower seeds I sowed are just barely peeking out.

The other tomato is ‘Valentine F1’, it is described as a delicious high-lycopene grape tomato with massive early yields, deep red color, and unusually rich flavor.  Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant.  Disease Resistances or Tolerances: Intermediate resistance to Early Blight

Tomato ‘Valentine F1’

Another vegetable I’m trying is corn!  This one’s called ‘American Dream’,who wouldn’t want to try THAT!? AAS Judges selected American Dream as their top trial choice with it’s bi-color sweetness and crisp kernels, uniform 7 inch ears.

Corn ‘American Dream’