Firs, pine, spruce? Christmas Tree selection

Tue. Nov. 27, 2018

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Oh the weather outside is frightful,  but the Christmas tree is so delightful!  Wait a minute, that’s not right…. But it will be after you select the perfect one!

Local nurseries are stocked with fabulous fresh greens and copious amounts of Christmas trees.  

The scent of a real tree has created many a lasting memory for most of us. Although there was that period in the 60’s with metal trees and colored lights.. They were kinda fun!

Anyway, TODAY is about choosing the best TYPE of real tree to suit your needs.

There are lots of types of trees to choose from depending on what you like and whether you have heavy ornaments.  The White Spruce is probably the best known “Christmas Tree” for it’s short, sturdy needles and symmetrical shape.  This one can definately handle heavy ornaments or a “loaded” tree!  (something my sister definitely needs!  She’s saved every ornament her kids made or gave her and that been decades!  ?  )

White Spruce tree
White Spruce – needles that can handle a load!

For fragrance, Balsam and Fraser Firs are the 2 most aromatic.

Frasier fir… and the cat!
Balsam Fir needles

Another fragrant tree is the White Pine that also has good needle retention albeit the needles are longer and softer.

White pine needles
White Pine tree

Norway Pine also has good needle retention.

Norway pine needles

Colorado Blue Spruce offers that blue color!

Colorado blue spruce needles

If you’re looking for a tree lot in your area…

In Minnesota click HERE

In Wisconsin click HERE

In South Dakota click HERE

For more information check out the National Christmas Tree Association.

We’ll talk more about the CARE of your real tree coming up.