Fresh from the Garden – myth busting

Fri. Mar. 22, 2019

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I had a chance to interview John Whitman, he’s the author of a new vegetable gardening tome called “Fresh from the Garden – an organic guide to growing vegetables, berries and herbs in Cold Climates”.

He also talks about myths in the garden.  The leading myth is that some people are born with a green thumb!  He says, nope.  Good gardening comes from

  • hard work aka patience
  • knowledge such as logic and know-how
  • a love of gardening.  It gives you joy!

Another myth – that there’s only one expert’s way to do something.

He and I talked about tilling.  We get many messages regarding tilling.  John told me that it depends on your soil.  Ideally you’d never have to as it does break down the structure, however, there are times when you need to till.  If you have compacted clay soil, if you’re starting a new garden.  I have raised beds so my soil doesn’t compact.  The best method is the one that works for YOU.

Starting the raised bed

Another myth, you’re in control of your garden.  Nope, you can help your garden grow but there are many other factors at play, in particular, the weather.

Carpet roses are under that. This was taken 3-10-19

He says growing a garden is science and art and it’s full of surprises, which is part of the fun.  Patience is a gardener’s friend.  That’s not a myth, that’s a reality.  Especially when first planting.  Cut yourself some slack if your garden isn’t looking like the one in the magazine right away.

In “Fresh From the Garden” John also talks about organic mulches, various types of gardening from level gardens to containers and more, fertilizers, weeding, watering and 1700 varieties of plants!