Friday this&that

Fri. Feb. 16, 2018

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Today’s Garden Bite I named “this&that”.  I’ve been giving you lots of ideas for new plantings, it’s fun and there are always pretty pictures.  The one thing I’ve tried to refrain from is the dreaded journaling discussion.  As soon as I say journaling, I see eye rolls!

So, this is about “this&that”… not journaling!  😉

Here’s the thing, with all those new plantings, you’re really going to want to have records of what they are, what their requirements are, WHERE you planted them (sounds like a no-brainer, but, depending on how big a space you have, trust me, you can forget what you planted where).

I also save the tags!  Did your mom ever say that to you at Christmas time?  You open your present and she says, I have the tags if it doesn’t fit….

Anyway, those plant tags come in darn handy when you’re trying to remember the name of the cultivar.  There’ve been many times that I’ve got back to them.  My issue is being a little more organized and putting them all in the same place!

As you “this&that”, whether that be the old fashioned way with handwritten notes or with one of the multitude of mobile apps to take out to the garden with you, it makes diagnosis of any decline a whole lot easier.

Taking note of weather conditions, including sunshine, rain and temperature; noting plant growth, flowering times, any diseases.  Take note of any changes in sun/shade conditions.  As some plants grow they may cast a shadow that changes how another plant reacts.

I do a lot of rearranging, moving plants around.  Again, a good idea to take note of those changes.

I’ve been known to plant too many vegetables too! I can forget from year to year, which tomato plants I liked or didn’t like.  Write it down!  Or put it in that mobile app.  And, one more thing!  Send me your comments, questions and suggestions for future garden bites.  What do YOU want to talk about? or on GardenBite on Facebook.