Fruiting fungi

Tue. Jul. 26, 2016

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As folks are out playing lawn darts they may be aiming at those lawn mushrooms that have popped up!  I’ve had questions concerning these fruiting fungi such as, will they harm my lawn, what’s wrong with my turf that it produces those ‘shrooms or one of my favorite is “why is that ugly thing growing in my lawn?”.


In areas where there’s been plenty of rainfall or excessive irrigation, you’ll find mushrooms growing.  They’re living on decaying organic matter in your soil.  When your soil is moist, the decaying matter breaks down and releases it’s nutrients into the soil where the fungi are allowed to take it up and produce fruiting bodies also known as mushrooms.  In most cases there’s nothing wrong with your lawn, in fact, it’s good that you have decaying organic matter that does release nutrients back into your soil.  But lots of folks don’t like seeing them, so for you, I would say just take a rake after them and remove the offending fungi.

Yet there are some pretty cool lookin’ shrooms…  the golden mushrooms below were barely visible under my salvia

golden mushroom 2

Japanese Umbrella aka Fairy Parasol
Japanese Umbrella aka Fairy Parasol

The Fairy parasol were growing in a decaying tree.

Fairy Rings and they’re hard to get rid of.  They look like dark green circles with the inner circle brown.  The best way to tackle them is to mask the problem by using fertilizer.

Fairy Ring mushrooms
Fairy Ring mushrooms

There’s really not a lot you can do for fairy rings…  Check out this article from the University of MN Extension

The monster shroom found in the Big Woods, Nerstrand, MN

Fungi monster



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