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Mon. Feb. 15, 2016

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Yes, they have an app for that!  My goodness, I wish I was smarter than my smart phone but, alas, I am not…  I’m banking on the fact that YOU likely are!  Here are a few garden apps that have been reviewed and given good marks:

Burpee Garden Coach –  sends personalized text messages along with harvest tips and recipes

Leaf Snap – helps identify trees when user snaps a photo of the leaves.  This is really cool.  They use the same technology that’s used for face technology.  Click on their website for lots more information.  Here’s a peek at a Catawba tree.  They have a large collection of photos laid out like this of MANY species.

catawba details

RainHarvest – tells you how much rainwater you’ll collect from your roof when you put in inches of rain, square foot of roof and number of collection points

Home Outside – allows you to manipulate 5 templates in various shapes to suit your tastes and imagination.  You can add water features, shrubbery, fire pits and a lot more.

home outside garden app 2


home outside garden app

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