Garden Apps

Thu. Feb. 21, 2019

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I admit, my phone is smarter than me.  Although it doesn’t have the same staying power in the cold that I do!  Well, at least the battery doesn’t.

Anyway, I don’t normally “do” apps, however, there are some worthwhile applications for those of you that are smarter than your smart phone!  One app I use quite often is called PlantNet.  I use to identify plants I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve used in Mexico and it’s pretty cool!  

Bengal trumpet flower taken in Sayulita, MX 2019

I have to apologize, in my radio show I talk about the Burpee Garden Coach app  and how it sends personalized text message advice.  Well, they just took it down!!  So SORRY!  You can sign up for a newsletter for tips throughout the growing season…

 Leafsnap is a free app developed by researchers at Columbia, University of Maryland and the Smithsonian.  It helps identify trees when users snap pictures of the leaves. That could be quite handy when you see a tree you like but aren’t sure what it is.  

Need to know how many gallons of water you can get per square foot from your roof? There’s an app for that. It’s called Rain Harvest.  You enter the square footage of your roof area, the inches of rainfall and the number of collection points and voila!  you’ll know how much rain you’ll capture for your garden.

Better Homes & Gardens  was another complete disappointment!  What I told you was it was an easy garden design tool.  What it turned out to be a WEEK after I tried it, was GONE!  So SORRY!

Try Garden Puzzle for designing!

If you try these apps out, let me know what you think! I’m always interested in your input! And remember, put that device down long enough to enjoy the great outdoors… after you find Garden Bite on Facebook!