Garden bed renewal

Wed. Jun. 28, 2017

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Sometimes you just have to start over.  I know, it can be painful but pulling out plants that have become overgrown and loaded with weeds is sometimes easier than trying to pick through it.  That’s what I did at my new home in July of 2012.  [tomorrow you’ll see what it looks like in 2017!]

perennial before with thistles and more

Thistles and phlox and trees oh my

First I hand pulled as much as I could.  I never did use a total vegetation killer , although I pondered it!  Instead I shoveled and dug stuff out.  You can see that I used a tarp to pile on the weeds and soil that came with it.  I dug a trench to differentiate the lawn from the garden bed.  It’s about 5 inches deep.  You can dig this as deep or as shallow as you’d like.

west end perennial digging up weeds

I did a quick soil test and found the soil lacking nitrogen.  I bought straight compost to mix into the top 8 inches of soil using a tiller.  (I recommend this only once to start the process).  In the meantime, I selected plants.  I’ll have more on that tomorrow.  I then arranged and rearranged where I wanted them.

Process before

newspaper shot

I don’t like plastic AT ALL, I’m not keen on landscape fabric either.  Instead, I used 6 to 8 layers of newspaper as a weed barrier.  What I like about the newspaper is that it biodegrades right into the soil.  Then I placed red mulch.  Tomorrow you’ll see the completed bed. [and how it’s changed since then!!!]

I also bought garden sculptures and my  husband added a very simple box built from 4×4’s.  It was  inexpensive but added a nice division and accent.

Garden Box

We also had some limestone left over from the previous bed and used that at the end.