Garden design wrap-up

Fri. Dec. 21, 2018

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We’re wrapping up our series on the 10 Garden Design Principles as we wrap our heads around this First Day of Winter!  The shortest day of the year….

We’ve talked about using what you have, working with the soil you’ve been given, keeping it simple, planting in mass and trying not to overwhelm yourself by becoming too ambitious.

9. Paths should lead somewhere.  When someone walks down the path in your garden, give them something to see.  Lead them to a bench, or a specimen plant, maybe to an herb garden where they can sample some basil or thyme.  Give them a place to go, a destination. Maybe you have a birdbath at the end of your path, something that gives the wanderer a reason to continue.  You don’t have to make your path straight either!

10. Use few impact plants. Impact plants are hot colored plants.  Your reds, oranges, yellows. Hot colors come forward, so if you have a small area it will look smaller yet. Cooler colored plants like blues, pinks and whites should be planted in back, they will make your garden look bigger.  Consider flowering times as well and add foliage plants.

my “dotty” fushcia coneflower among white daisies and white coneflowers!

A couple of labor saving ideas to keep in mind, use raised beds not rock gardens. Rock gardens can be more work than they’re worth. Remember the most basic principle in any landscape is Right Plant, Right Place.  

My own design principle is never be afraid to try something either, if it works – wahoo, if it doesn’t – oh well.

And as always, make sure you enjoy it and remember, the days only get longer from here!  “The Garden is no place to stress for success, but to soak up some sun and Renew your Spirit”!