Garden magic

Mon. Mar. 23, 2020

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 I struggled with how to start this Garden Bite in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. But all I kept thinking about was how much beauty we have in nature, the joy in getting our hands in the soil, seeding our gardens.

Gardens feed our bodies but, for me, they also deeply feed my soul.


And so, now more than ever, the magic of our gardens can lift our Spirits.

Whether our climate allows us to do much outside or not, the planning, the dreaming, the scheming can fill us as we physically isolate. The exchanging of phone calls or skyping with our family and friends about our plans for the garden, our excitement at getting out there and planting, the knowledge that, in the midst of this, communities are pulling together, neighbors calling across the street, asking how each other are doing.

There is scientific proof of what being outdoors and even simply seeing flowers does to our psyche. Instead of drifting off in a maze of social media madness, what say you gaze at images of your gardens, or the plants you’d like to try, the seeds you’ll plant, the bounty you’ll harvest and take a deep breath.

photo by Teri Knight

Even the smell of soil can lift us up. Isn’t that wild!? We are in Spring now and the lilacs have budded out here in the Upper Midwest. Some folks have even spotted early crocus and squill poking through.

Siberian squill

The frost depth is nearly out in some areas! Remember, “The garden is no place to stress for success but to soak up some sun and renew your spirit” by Teri Knight. Benefits of Gardening

The sun will rise, the stars will come out and rainbows will emerge after the rain.

photo by Teri Knight