Garden to-do’s for September

Fri. Aug. 28, 2020

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September is just a few days away! While this year has some vast changes due to a pandemic, our garden to-do’s heading into Fall remain the same! (that feels kinda good right now!)

Harvest, of course is ongoing. 

This was taken several years ago!

My Red Grape tomatoes have been outstanding! I’ve been putting them in salads and stir fry and have been dehydrating them too.

Red grape tomatoes among my butterfly garden nursery!
dehydrating red grape tomatoes 2020

Because of the crazy year I’ve had with road construction on both streets of my corner home, those grape tomatoes are all I have, but farmers markets are still out there (and friends!) and I will be buying some farmer grown goodies for roasting! 

the arrow points to where my butterfly garden WAS… I plan on moving them back but already lost some.
Vegetable garden/butterfly plant nursery 2020

 If you have plenty of tomatoes and are seeing more flowers, pinch them off now to direct energy to ripening fruit.

According to NOAA, it looks like our temperatures will remain above normal for the Upper Midwest, Minnesota will receive more rainfall than Wisconsin. But you folks have already seen plenty.

If your perennials have finished flowering for the season, you can divide them, if you so desire! More info on that HERE.

I have noticed plenty of soldier beetles but that’s a good thing!

Soldier beetles on heliopsis – good bug

If you see aphids, just give ‘em a good spray of water, or if you’re okay with squishing them, put on some gloves and go for it!

red aphids on heliopsis. Notice the soldier beetle

It’s also time to start trading out your trashed annuals for some Fall annuals such as mums.

I took out the decimated sweet potato vine and added the celosia on the left and the mum on the right with some coffee twist grass

Spinach, Kale and other leafy crops can be planted now for a late Fall harvest.

loose leaf lettuce with kale and nasturtium