Gardener gifts

Thu. Dec. 3, 2020

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Gardening took on a whole new meaning this year and lots of you got a real “taste” for it! When loved ones ask what you want for Christmas, tell them tools! As an essential part of gardening, these are worth spending the extra dollars for quality.

Not so sure about the earthworm!

One of the top tools, as I’ve mentioned before, is the Hori Hori Japanese gardening knife.  Hori means “digging” in Japanese. This knife has been called the MacGuyver of gardening tools.  A brand that comes highly recommended at a reasonable price is Nisaku for about $22 bucks. 

Hori Hori knife by Nisaku

For those who are tired of trying to pull weeds from pavers, comes the patio knife.   It’s eco friendly since no chemicals are involved!   Use the hook side for joints, and the knife side for beveled edges. 

Patio knife

I happen to love my Burpee tomato cages.  The pro series offers sturdy, stable 4-sided cages that work well for flowers too. The non-rusting, long-lasting galvanized wire cages fold flat for easy storage. 

Galvanized burpee tomato cage

I can’t tell you the number of cheap cages I’ve fought with and finally tossed! 

Pruners, one of the ESSENTIAL garden tools. Don’t skimp on these! Felco are my favorite.

Dramm also offers a number of smaller snipping tools. I love their size and ease of use. 

 A tool I use a LOT, is a collapsible garden bag.  Fiskars Kangaroo collapsible is sturdy and a decent price.

I wore mine out and last year my niece got me another! Thank you, Heidi!