Getting a jump on bulb planting

Tue. Mar. 6, 2018

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Yesterday we talked about the differences there are in the “category” Bulbs!  Rhizomes, corms and tubers too!  Speaking of tubers, some of my favorites are Caladiums…  there are numerous cultivars! Click on the link for best planting practices outdoors for caladiums, they like it moist and warm.

‘White Queen’

There are slightly different planting techniques for each of the types of bulbs. First, make sure your bulbs are in good shape.  NO mushy parts!  They should feel firm.  You need at least one eye per division.   Here’s a brief general overview of planting indoors early in the season:

  • Bulbs – plant with pointy side up about 3 inches into the pot
  • Rhizomes – eyes should be looking up at you just peeking above the soil surface
  • Corms – plant hollow side up at the same level as the soil
  • Tubers – knobby side up, one to two inches deep in the pot

Plant in a potting soil mix or a 50/50 mix of potting soil and vermiculite or perlite for better drainage.  Then move to a warm location.  Once the leaves emerge, get them to the light! Please note that you may find different instructions for the different types of flowers!

Canna ‘Tropicanna black’

For much more comprehensive information check out this special site through the University of Minnesota Extension.  Check out Bulb Basics [University of Illinois]

Begonia ‘Non stop Orange’

Here’s a beautiful new gladiola from out of Connecticut…

Gladiolus ‘Tropic Treasure’ 2018