Grab bag of gardening

Fri. Oct. 11, 2019

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Every season I get asked about what to do with sale plants if you can’t get them in the ground before it’s too late… plant them in the your vegetable garden bed, or any other bare space, IN THE POT THEY CAME IN.

Sink the whole thing into the soil for winter

Then come spring, after you’ve decided where you want to plant them, dig them up carefully and they should be just fine.

Folks have asked about using landscape fabric versus newspaper or office paper.  I’ve found that landscape fabric doesn’t always work the best.  Weeds find a way of growing on top off the fabric and crab grass seems to come up right through it.

Shade garden I started in 2005… It doesn’t look like this now!

And I hate black plastic! Unless you plan on growing NOTHING there…

plastic BAD!

This is where black plastic IS helpful – this path was built through a wooded area I once lived at…

Lakeville 2005 or ’06. The wood chips were delivered free from the local tree service. If you can accept a full truckload – they were free

Shredded newspaper or office paper that’s been wet down is okay. It’s cheap, it mats down better than the fabric and breaks down, however, personally, I use natural wood chips only.

Natural wood chips

As for pruning out diseased branches, disinfect the pruner after each cut. Use Lysol spray or rubbing alcohol. Clorox sells a bleach free disposable wipe that I’ve heard works as well. 

Remember that your hands will also have the bacteria on them. Wear garden gloves. One more question that continues to pop up is our watering situation. If you planted trees, shrubs or even perennials in the last 3 years, water them until the ground freezes. Rule of thumb is an inch of water a week.