Grandma’s plant – Episcia cupreata

Tue. Oct. 23, 2018

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At my Uncle’s funeral, he was 94 and lived a good long life, my cousin brought my sister and I cuttings from my Grandma’s plant… a plant my cousin had for 37 years and who knows how long Grandma had it!  She died in 1998.

Episcia cupreata – cutting I was given

I don’t know the name of the cultivar but Nancy sent me a picture of her recent cutting and some of the leaves are as big as her hand and the trumpet like flowers are a stunning red!

Some of the leaves are as big as her hand

Episcias, (a relative of the African Violet) sometimes called the flame violet, trailing violet or chocolate soldier plant have a magnificent range of foliage and flower color.  Leaves of shiny green, bronze and silver and tubular flowers of white, yellow, lavender, pink or red.    How to grow and care for Episcia – Plant Care Today.  How to care for your Episcia – Sunday Gardener

the plant she takes cuttings from

I love getting this gift from Grandma after all these years.

Nancy’s friend’s plant in Kansas – started by a cutting from Grandma’s plant

I didn’t remember the name of the plant so I looked it up on PlantNet.  This is a pretty cool app.