Green tomatoes

Tue. Sep. 26, 2017

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Ahh, fried green tomatoes!  They’re not for everyone but at this time of year, that’s really all we can expect.  Green tomatoes, I mean.  Have you ever tried Green Tomato Pie?  It’s not too bad…  I still prefer apple pie but this works.  Check out my recipes tab for the recipe.

Green tomato pie – taste is akin to apple pie

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Pick your green tomatoes before a killing frost.  Generally speaking a “killing frost” happens when nighttime temps dip below 28 degrees.  If temps in your area start dipping into the lower 40’s, go ahead and cover your plants if you want to give them more time on the vine using a light breathable cloth. Or just go out and pick them!  Store unripe tomatoes in a 60 to 65 degree location.

Place them on heavy paper (grocery bags work well) or roll them individually in newspaper if you don’t have a lot of room.  Keep them in a cool room of your basement.  They’ll ripen over a few weeks.  For faster ripening place a banana in the box/bag with the tomatoes.  The ethylene gas given off from the banana helps ripen the tomatoes faster.  They don’t taste as good as vine ripened but no point in wasting them!

green tomatoes

A few days before you’d like to bite into those tomatoes, bring them into a warm sunny area to ripen further.

You can also roast the green ones with olive oil, sea salt, garlic, jalapenos and herbs.  Low oven for a couple of hours.

Another option is to slice the green tomatoes a quarter inch thick and dry them in a dehydrator.  You can toss those in stews, throw them on a pizza or toss in a salad.