Groundhog Day

Tue. Feb. 2, 2016

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Well, here he is….  the rodent responsible for Spring:

Punxatawny Phil
Punxatawny Phil

And what do you suppose he has to say for himself?  Since this post was written on Sunday…  I don’t know yet.  Will update later, in case you haven’t heard!  😉

Phil is very old (about 130)…  according to legend, every summer, Phil is given a sip of what’s called Groundhog Elixir, which magically lengthens his life for seven years. This is done by Inner Circle members, the guys that wear the top hats and tuxedos.   No one knows how old the Inner Circle members are!

This is a fun article on Punxatawny Phil delving deeper into the origins!  As far as prognosticators go – Phil has about a 39% accuracy rate.  Wouldn’t take that to Vegas!

Don’t ask the Groundhog ask Farmer’s Almanac – I’m not so sure you’re going to like what they say.  Let’s put it this way – don’t put away the coats, hats, gloves, mittens and snow shovels!

NOAA – they don’t make this easy to read.  Maybe you can figure it out.

Accuweather predicts a rough day for parts of the country today.

My prediction is “Spring will arrive”….  that’s it.  She’ll get here when she’s darn good and ready!  In the meantime, keep logging on to Garden bite and we’ll have fun dreaming of our gardens.  Send me your comments, questions or suggestions for upcoming GB’s!  I really love hearing from YOU!  or find Garden Bite with Teri Knight on Facebook.

Groundhog 2

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