Happy Autumnal Equinox

Fri. Sep. 22, 2017

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I just love this time of year.  Leaving the windows cracked open at night with that cool air making good sleeping weather, that feeling of nesting as we bring our garden harvests in and can, dry or freeze them for winter.

Ready to roast ‘Chef’s Orange’ with salt, olive oil, garlic and dried Italian oregano from my garden

Where did the one tomato go?

On a cracker, of course!

'Yellow Pear' tomato in dehydrator

‘Yellow Pear’ tomato in dehydrator


In the dehydrator
dehydrated tomatoes

Speaking of freezing, as we see those temps do start to dip,  remember your tomatoes and throw a sheet over them just to be safe.  I have a friend who said you can spray them with water and they’ll be fine.  I did a little research on that and while it MIGHT work, I wouldn’t count on it.

A friend of mine lost his plums to the raccoons when he sent “Ole” to hunting camp.  So,  his wife bought some and made him this…

RECIPE for Plum Kuchen



Plum kuchen

Oh, and the apples are coming in.  ‘Honeycrisp’ are my favorite.  Take a drive and check out your local orchards.  Many offer a whole lot more than just bags of apples.  Oh, the pies, the tortes, the carmel apples, the petting zoos!

As you celebrate the autumnal equinox and begin your nesting routine, reflect on the season and think about the things that worked and those that didn’t so that you can plan for next year.  Then kick back and enjoy the change of seasons yet again!  It sounds like Winter might be more challenging this year than the last couple.  Of course, that could also mean lots more fun with outdoor sports!  What we DO want is snow before any real cold temperatures.  That blanket of white is just what our plants need to keep soil from heaving and lifting new plants right out of the ground.

my maple