Home & Garden Show season

Tue. Feb. 27, 2018

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Tis the season of Home and Garden Shows!  Check your local County extensions for Master Gardener Horticulture Days and, of course, many towns and cities put on their own shows through their Chambers of Commerce.  Wisconsin – Winnebago Co. MG   Minnesota MG program 

No matter the name of these events, you can be sure to find some new and exciting ideas.  

I read somewhere that Landscaping adds about 15% to the value of your home.  In another article a person who does landscaping for a living said they put $20,000 into a homeowners landscape and that person got an additional $200,000 for their home.  I might question THAT one, BUT, I will say the pleasure you get from a lovely outdoor area is immeasurable, in my estimation!  

These Home & Garden shows are great for local connections for everything from organic foods to stone landscaping and outdoor living scapes.  

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, I suggest you talk with a reputable landscaper who might offer a little free advice as you purchase materials.  You can check out the library or go online for advice but be sure to go to a site you trust.   There’s almost always some little thing we seem to forget about.

creating containers

If you’d rather hire someone, ask for references then take a cruise past places they’ve landscaped.  Check out a few of their creations, ask if you can talk to the owners.  If you’re planning on a new garden space, think about how you plant to use it and then be a little prepared when you go to these shows.  

My favorite is to go to the Master Gardener Hort Day programs because they’re local, you can find such gems right in your own backyard!  And don’t forget the workshops offered by many cities and towns!!!!  

drawing for completed containers