Houseplant heat and humidity

Fri. Oct. 20, 2017

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As we move indoors, we look to our houseplants for that “touch of green”.  While the air outside gets cooler, the air inside gets drier.

Zee plant and Spider plant

As a general rule, houseplants like night temps to be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than day temps.  Keep your plants away from extremes.  Like sitting next to the heat register or next to an outside door.

Humidity levels are tough on tropicals, or any flowering plants.  You can help them by either lightly humidifying a room allowing for plenty of air circulation or you can group them together and set them on a tray of gravel with water.  The transpiration off the plants will help each other.  Just be sure to check for insects.

Below are some ideas for humidity trays:

humidity trays

humidity tray ice-cube tray

humidity tray bought

As far as fertilizing goes, I’m still on the side that less is more.  Read your plant tag or ask an expert where you bought the plant what they suggest.  If your plant is actively growing, then diluted fertilizer is a good idea, if it’s dormant, then leave it be.