It’s always a good day for flowers

Wed. Feb. 14, 2018

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The most romantic day of the year this year, is also the First day of Lent…  so if you’re beloved is giving up chocolate, it’s a good day for flowers!  But then it’s always a good day for flowers!

The most purchased flower on Valentines day is the rose.  No surprise there.  But what meaning is attached to certain colors of roses?

  • Red, the most popular, means love.
  • Pink,  the first roses to be cultivated, stand for feelings of love and gratitude. It can be romantic or platonic, you might want to make that clear!
  • White roses means ‘innocence and purity’, it’s also about new beginnings and farewells.
  • Orange, a “younger” cultivar, can mean fascination and/or passionate (with whatever reason you’re sending them, as a thank you, as a lover, as a friend)  Again, might want to make that one clear to the receiver!
  • Yellow is all about joy!
  • Lavender roses means enchantment or, perhaps, love at first sight!

If you want to make a lasting impression the Orchid is outstanding.  There are several types but the most popular and easiest to grow is the Phalaenopsis.  To the ancient Greeks, orchids were a sign of virility and luxury.

My anniversary orchid!

Because they’re so exotic looking, most people think the orchid is only a tropical plant.  But it’s not.  The Minnesota state flower is a Lady Slipper orchid.

Orchid – Cypripedium ‘Lady Slipper’ MN state flower

So, whatever occasion, flowers convey the message!   By the way, the rose is the State Flower in 4 U.S. states, including Iowa and North Dakota.  THAT, I would Not have guessed!

Wisconsin’s state flower is the delicate wood violet, chosen by Wisconsin school children in 1908.

Wood violet Wis. State Flower