It’s shopping day! Gardener gifts

Fri. Nov. 24, 2017

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Yesterday we packed our bellies, Today we’re packing shopping bags!

What do you get for the gardener in your life, or since you’re likely the gardener, what do you ask for?  OOOO boy, I want almost every plant I see!  But that would require a much larger lot!

One of my favorite tools in the garden beside really good gloves is a garden fork.  Shovels are great for digging holes but the garden fork allows you to dig up plants, shrubs and trees with minimal damage to the roots.  It’s easier to use and definitely kinder on your back! Look for a garden fork with 4 rigid tines placed fairly close together, it will have more strength.

This one even has an optional foot pad

It’s not cheap but it’s pretty darn nice!  Garret Wade

Fermentation is big this year.  I’ve seen classes listed at local libraries and garden clubs.  The benefit of fermented vegetables is the introduction of beneficial bacteria into your digestive system and the balance they offer which aids in the absorption of nutrients. That said, let’s shop equipment.  You can find a fermentation set for as little as $30 or authentic stoneware crock with weights for $80.  You can also pay more if you like!

There are numerous ways to make fermented vegetables.  Check out Make Sauerkraut! for A LOT of great information on fermenting.

Books are another great gift for the gardener.  For those who gardener in the cooler zones, I highly recommend Mary Schier’s book, The Northern Garden from Apples to Zinnias.  This one is hot off the presses and packed with 150 years of wisdom for cold-climate gardeners.  I just interviewed Mary, who is a delight, and will have more on her book in future Garden Bites.

There are a lot of folks with small spaces so consider giving them containers.   Google it and you’re head will spin with options from the Amazing to the 5 gal bucket!

For those who are concerned about bees, what about buying an Urban Bee House?  Again, there are a bzzillion of these to choose from!  Every garden center is now offering them.