Lawnmower care

Wed. Nov. 1, 2017

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We, or should I say my husband, declared he’d mowed his last blade of grass for this year!  The wet weather really gave us green lawns even in August, but that meant more mowing too!  But the cool chill is coming and it’s time to put the old lawnmower away for winter.


Let the engine cool before you do anything!  Run the fuel out of your mower or put the excess gas/oil in an approved container.  Wash the gunk off with soap and hot water being careful not to soak the motor especially around the spark plug.

Take out the spark plug to prevent accidental start-up and then clean out the grass-turned-to-cardboard from underneath your mower using a scraper or power nozzle, if you have better control of those things than I do!!  Break up the grass and put it in your compost pile.  Spray the underside with a cooking oil spray like Pam.

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to keep the blade sharp.  Doing it now will save you time this Spring.  For do-it-yourselfers check out this youtube video for great step by step instruction.  David Sloan “How to sharpen a lawnmower blade”

If you’d rather not mess with it yourself, then your local nursery or many rental places will do it for you.