More Fall plant picks

Wed. Sep. 6, 2017

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As we work our way into Fall there are some plants that we all associate with that time of year.  I talked about some Fall picks last week, but there are more!   From nurseries to grocery stores, you’ll find annual mums.  I’ve even see GAS stations selling them.  Hmmm, best bet is your local nursery!  BUY your mums with ONLY BUDS!  That way YOU get all the BLOOM!

But what about perennials? Smooth Blue Aster is a true native plant with sturdy growth habit of just 3 feet tall.  The foliage is a waxy blue-gray that stays neat and clean all season long. This one is in my native butterfly garden.

 Blueberry bushes are thought of mainly for their fabulous blueberries but they offer stunning red Fall foliage.  There are many new cultivars for cold zone gardens.  One is ‘Northsky’, a dwarf blueberry from the University of Minnesota, that grows to just 18 inches tall with a 2 to 3 foot spread.  The berries are a beautiful sky blue and are quite tasty.   Blueberries require an acidic soil, which means testing your soil and amending as recommended.  Do this before planting.  Add peat moss at planting time as well and ammonium sulfate or elemental sulfur each Spring.

Blueberry 'North Country'

Blueberry ‘North Country’

Blueberry Fall color

Blueberry Fall color

Ornamental grasses are spectacular now.  I love them all!  As I don’t have time LIST them all, let’s talk about heaven.  A University of Minnesota cultivar of little bluestem known as ‘Blue Heaven’. It grows to just over 3 feet tall with a stunning combination of blue leaves and burgundy flowers.

'Blue Heaven'

‘Blue Heaven’

Check out a Miscanthus grass called ‘Ferner Osten’ that grows to 5 feet with spectacular burgundy leaves, in August ‘ferner osten’ blooms are pink.  Check out local nurseries or go online to search out some of our native grasses for Minnesota.  I don’t limit myself.  I’ve planted many different varieties.  Just be wary of invasives.

Miscanthus - Ferner Osten

Miscanthus – Ferner Osten

Grass 'Karl Forrester'

Grass ‘Karl Forrester’