More new 2018 plants

Thu. Mar. 1, 2018

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The year is still new and there are still more new plant introductions to share with you for 2018!  All of these are listed on the National Garden Bureau website.

NGB is a non-profit organization that, according to their site, exists to educate, inspire, and motivate people to increase the use of plants in homes, gardens, and workplaces.  In other words, they’re the first ones to check out new introductions from various breeders.

First up is a Verbena from the Obsession series called Cascade Scarlet.  This is a trailing verbena which makes it fantastic for hanging baskets and container plantings.

Verbena ‘Cascade Scarlet’

There are, in fact, several new trailing verbenas for 2018.  They grow to about 8 to 10 inches but have a spread of 2 feet.  They prefer sun.  Another stunner is Twister Violet. A bi-color beauty whose, branching is dense, without the need to pinch.

Obession™ Cascade Twister™ Violet ID: 70038870

Your hanging baskets and containers will fill in quickly.  These verbenas are highly disease resistant, and will continue to flower and perform long after other annual verbenas have finished.

There’s an odd little plant named ‘Bed Head’.  It’s Calocephalus aka cushion bush.  I can only hope I pronounced that right!

alocephalus brownii ‘Bedhead’

Regardless, it’s an unusual cutie whose silver foliage looks kinda wiry but it’s actually very soft.  Sun to part shade, this plant would go well with anything in a container or an annual bed.  Growers are purchasing seeds now for their greenhouses.  Expect to see these in some of the bigger nurseries this season.

How about a double dose of pink in a poppy?  Sallie’s Double Pink is new from Harris Seeds.  This annual poppy is a bushy plant growing to 2 to 3 feet.  Don’t deadhead this one, harvest the seed pods to add a cool-looking accent to your cut flower display.

Poppy ‘Sallies DoublePink’