More on Planting bulbs

Fri. Sep. 29, 2017

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GBTK 9-28-17

So the heat was on but we ARE in the Fall season and that means Fall bulb planting for a beautiful Spring display.    Tulips and daffodils, hyacinth and allium, crocus and muscari!   To see lots of choices check out Brecks 

The selections available for tulips is almost dizzying!  There are double tulips, darwin tulips, fragrant, impression, parrot and late bloomers… oh my.    I have to mention a sweet little tulip called ‘Lilac Wonder’, it’s a 6 to 8 inch little darling with pale lavender blooms that open wide forming a star shape with a bright yellow center. Pair it with the fragrant, lemon-yellow blooms of Daffodil ‘Hawera,’ an award-winning miniature heirloom that produces 4–8 blossoms per stem.

‘Lilac Wonder’

Find out more on lots of bulbs at American Meadows.

If you have an area that needs just a pop of color in Spring – consider Muscari.  It’s an adorable little 3 inch blue bell of a bulb.  Oh and there’s a delightful white one too called ‘Album’.


Daffodils dabbled with darker tulips make a nice mix.  There are double daffodils, trumpet and split corona.  Again, so many choices although color is more limited there are a number of shade selections.  

For height, choose the allium called ‘Gladiator’.  It grows to 4 feet tall, with lavender flowers in May and June in a sunny location.  

To make a real splash in your early spring yard, crocuses are the ticket.  I’ve seen a few lawns where they’ve scattered crocus for naturalizing.  I’ve always thought that looked so cool.  

Problem is planting all those bulbs to start with.  Next year,  sure, next year.  Hyacinth aren’t just blue.  There are varying shades of red, yellow and purple.