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Mon. Feb. 29, 2016

Click below to listen to my Garden Bite radio show:  More pruning notes


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There are numerous Home, Garden, Leisure and Sports expos this time of year!  It’s so fun to consider all the options.  Check out your local county extensions, Master Gardeners, Garden Clubs for expos in your area.

Always check your favorite radio station’s website for upcoming garden shows and expos.  I’ll be presenting a talk on “Shady Characters” at the 23rd annual Ortonville Sports and Leisure Show on March 19th.  Chamber of Commerce FB page.  Shout out to KDIO!

It’s also a great time to prune your woodies, overgrown shrubs that are obscuring your view or the door to your house!  I talked before about maintenance pruning, taking out the dead or diseased branches.  A cruise down any neighborhood street will show that a lot of folks need to do a bit more than that!  Cutting back and shaping their shrubs and trees.  I’m going to link you to a few sites from gardenbite dot com for some visual aid:

University of Minnesota Extension How to Prune

Organic Gardening What to prune and when

Purdue University dept. of Horticulture Pruning ornamentals

Do NOT prune Oak trees in April, May or June.  During this time the Oak is more susceptible to Oak Wilt disease.

Oak wilt photo by Michele Grabowski UMN

Also Maple trees and others that have sap that runs during early Spring must be left alone until after the sap has stopped running.  Wondering how and when sap flows?  Check out Cornell University – click HERE.  I’ll have more on maple syruping coming up.

Our moisture level in the soil is all over the place depending on your location.  Some areas have had lots of snow/rain while others are dry.  If you see decline in your trees, remember it’s not just one year or one incident…  Our large plants can take a lot more abuse, but, it does take it’s toll, that’s why, when homeowners see their trees decline, they think it just happened when in reality it’s been an accumulation of issues.


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