Mother’s Day and flowers

Fri. May. 10, 2019

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Mother’s Day and flowers

Mother’s Day is one of those traditions that is all American.  A woman named Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrases “second Sunday in May” and “Mother’s Day” in 1912 being very specific that the apostrophe for mothers day was in there so that people would celebrate their own mother not just all moms.

Anna Jarvis

Two years after her own mom died Anna embarked on a campaign to get people to celebrate their moms.  It took 7 years to realize her goal and create a national holiday.  By the 1920’s Anna Jarvis had grown sick of the commercialization and spent all of her inheritance trying to abolish the holiday.  What a twist!

The good news is the  tradition held and we celebrate those moms in our life!  My mom and I would always go to the local garden center for annual flowers to plant in her whiskey barrel.

We strolled down memory lane while taking in aisles of plants.   

Not exactly Mother’s Day but this is my mom and me in 1999 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

You might also think about offering a day of free labor or just get her to play in the mud with you!

Maybe your mom is not here anymore, you could consider planting a tree, shrub or perennial in memory her.

My mom just a few months before she died in 2004
Create a fun container with her