Mother’s Day and flowers

Fri. May. 8, 2020

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Happy Mother’s Day a little early…  Today would have been my mom’s 88th birthday!

My mom in Feb. 2004… she died a few months later

This day was started by Anna Jarvis, it’s a totally American holiday. Jarvis eventually spent all her inheritance to get rid of the holiday after it became too commercialized for her taste!

This was when my mom and I would go shopping to fill her whiskey barrels with annuals. 

While this wasn’t one of hers, this is the whimsy she would’ve liked!

It’s a splendid day to spend time taking in the sights and scents of your local garden center. Although this year is different with Covid-19, we can still be safely distant while strolling with mom through the aisles of plants.

You might also think about offering a day of free labor to mom or anyone that can’t get out right now or play in the mud?

If your mom isn’t here anymore, you could consider planting a tree, shrub or perennial in her memory. I usually pick out some flashy annuals for her, she loved bright, happy flowers

Not exactly Mother’s Day but this is my mom and me in 1999 at the Landscape Arboretum