New plants for 2017 – Figs and golf?

Tue. Nov. 15, 2016

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It’s that time of year where we’re making sweet potato pies and casseroles, hearty soups and stews with our other root vegetables and pondering what we might plant next year.

If you’re able to stretch your zone a bit, then this zone 5 plant will intrigue you.  Figs, yes, the coldest hardy fig is now available!  Their description of Burpee ‘Chicago Hardy’ goes like this:  Strikingly attractive trees, lushly embroidered with large, three-fingered leaves, bestow a luscious cavalcade of golf ball-sized deep-purple figs. In the first season after planting, you can pick, peel, and delight in sweet, juicy, fresh figs right off the tree from late summer into early fall. High-performance shrubs produce up to 100 pints of figs in a season.  

Fig 'Chicago Hardy'
Fig ‘Chicago Hardy’

Sounds wonderful and figs are a real delight in salads and many other dishes.  I will post a recipe of a wonderful salad I made that was a major hit this summer.    Click on the link for the PDF of the recipe


‘Chicago Hardy’ can grow to 30 feet but you can keep it at 6 feet.  They are drought and pest resistant.  Figs are a good source of potassium and fiber.

For those of you who love your flowers, and perhaps golf, here’s a new pick – Craspedia ‘Golf Beauty’.  Nope, I hadn’t heard of that one either but it’s a delightful annual with cheery yellow golf ball sized flowers atop a 24 to 30 inch plant.  

Crespedia 'Golf Beauty'
Crespedia ‘Golf Beauty’

Blooming all summer—and getting ever-bloomier—‘Golf Beauty’ is striking in a patio container or mingling with other annuals in a sunny border. Round, golden flower heads are breathtaking in a vase.


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