New shrubs and perennials coming to a nursery near you!

Mon. Mar. 11, 2019

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I had the opportunity to go to the Dakota County Master Gardener’s “Let’s Get Growing” expo on March 2nd!  It was about 4 degrees outside but inside, I sat in rapt wonder as Debbie Longee from Bailey Nurseries presented some choice 2019 plant introductions that they are growing.  

I teased you last week with a peek at a new sedum on my gardenbite facebook page. It’s from the ATLANTIS series called ‘Nonsitnal’.

Sedum ‘ATLANTIS’ Nonsitnal

This 4 to 6 inch darling would be gorgeous in a rock garden, a border, mass planting… and it’s salt tolerant!  The small, serrated leaves are dark green with very wide creamy yellow margins. From a distance, the margins are what catch your eye.

You may notice that the creamy margins become tinged with pink blush tones with cold temperatures late in fall. It’s easy to grow in sunny, dry locations. 

A new big leaf hydrangea in the Endless Summer collection is ‘Summer Crush’.  This macrophylla rocks an intense shade of raspberry red!  It’s a compact plant reaching up to 3 feet tall and wide. Grow this gorgeous plant in partial shade.  

Hydrangea ‘Summer Crush’

You’ll have blooms from Spring through Summer.

Hydrangea ‘Summer Crush’ photos by Spring Hills Nursery

They’ve really improved the Endless Summer series from the first one back in about 2004.  

There’s a yellow dogwood that won’t scorch. First Editions ‘Neon Burst’ dogwood has attractive chartreuse foliage and is a compact selection growing 4-5’ tall.

Neon Burst photo by JungSeed

It has good sun and heat tolerance, retaining that bright leaf color throughout summer without scorching. New leaves are tinged with bronze and the stems have a rich red hue early in the season. Fall foliage becomes a rainbow of purple, red, yellow and orange. In winter the stems turn glossy scarlet red.  

fall color

We may have sprung forward timewise, but Mother Nature doesn’t seem quite ready to give up the cold!