New shrubs for 2018

Fri. Mar. 2, 2018

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Oh boy!  New shrub introductions for 2018!   I love the NAME of this one.  ‘Good Vibrations’ Gold.  It’s a creeping juniper whose foliage emerges a yellowy green in spring before shifting to bright yellow in summer

Juniper ‘Good Vibrations’ summer color

then taking on coppery tones in the autumn light.  

Juniper ‘Good Vibrations’ fall color

The foliage is soft to the touch and with it’s height reaching just 12 to  18 inches, it makes a wonderful planting in rock gardens, borders and foundations.  It would also work well for slopes.  Grow in full sun.  It’s a slow grower up to 7 feet!  

The next couple of shrubs are Roses from the ‘Oso Easy’ series!  Renowned French breeder Alain Meilland introduced ‘Double Red’.  A nonstop flowering, carefree Shrub Rose that produces double red blossoms from early to late summer.

Rose Oso Easy ‘double red’ flower

In trials, the mounding shrubs showed exceptional disease resistance, and they require no deadheading and no spraying to look positively fabulous all season long.  It grows about 4 feet tall and wide and is hardy to zone 4.

Rose Oso Easy ‘Double Red’

 The hard part may be keeping Japanese beetles away.  But, that’s likely going to be a problem for all of our ornamentals.  Spice up your garden with Oso Easy ‘Mango Salsa’ rose. Line a walkway with this captivating, low-maintenance Shrub Rose.

Rose Oso Easy ‘Mango Salsa’ flower

The neatly mounding 3′ plants produce a continuous supply of dazzling reddish pink blooms that stand out beautifully against a backdrop of dark green foliage.  All of the Oso Easy rose series selections are also salt tolerant!  

Rose Oso Easy ‘Mango Salsa’ shrub