Norfolk Pine

Mon. Jan. 9, 2017

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Many years ago I gave my brother a Norfolk Pine for his birthday in December.  Lots of you may have received one, or bought one for yourself as decoration for the holidays.  Oh, but it can be so much more than that!


These beautiful evergreen trees can become a wonderful houseplant with the right care for many years to come.  The University of Minnesota straightened me out as they explain that Norfolk Island Pines, isn’t actually a pine tree. It is a coniferous evergreen native to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific near Australia.  They have short dark green needle-like leaves with broad spanning branches that give it a tiered appearance.  In its native climate they can reach 200 feet tall with a ten foot diameter trunk.   More knowledge from Brisbane Tree and Gardens.

Norfolk Island Pine, Aust.
Norfolk Island Pine, Aust.

As a houseplant it is very slow growing, only growing about 3-6 inches per year.  With time and care it can reach a height of 5-8 feet.  Put this lovely plant in a bright, sunny location.  It does like the light, so spin that baby each week so it doesn’t lean.  Sort of like us reaching for the holiday cookies!


In general Norfolk Island Pines are a little like humans, they like the temperature between 65-72°F but can tolerate about a 10 degree difference at night.  What they don’t like is extremes of cold OR hot.  Humidity is important for nearly all houseplants.  Consider placing a humidifier nearby to help alleviate the dry winter air. Fertilize when plants begin to put on new growth, typically March through September.  Water thoroughly once the top one-inch of the soil is dry.

What CAN happen if there's enough light
What CAN happen if there’s enough light

Here’s a link to great indoor care information:  Pennington nurturing Norfolk Island Pine

Unfortunately I don’t have the right space in my home for these beauties…


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